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We’re big believers that websites don’t just sit on desktops anymore. They’re on a billion different connected devices that come to life in hundreds of unique form factors. As networks and devices both evolve, web experiences will continue to become more and more like apps. This is where the web is headed. And we’re into it.

This site is Phase 2 (see Phase 1) in an experiment where we’re pushing these ideas and testing what’s possible within a browser.


Simple. It’s the perfect way to express the arc of mobile innovation and technology while demonstrating Citizen’s work over the past eight years and where our thinking will take us in the future.

It also presents interesting challenges (and opportunities) when you consider the whole ‘billion connected devices’ thing. For example, how does a timeline flex gracefully from one device or orientation to the next? These are the kinds of challenges we like.


There’s more than one way to approach just about everything. Including this timeline. Here are a few to get started with.

  • LINEAR: Hover and click near the outer edges of your browser window.
  • QWERTY: Use the arrow keys to move back, forward, up, or down.
  • QUANTUM: Click, hold and drag to go for a smooth ride through time.

    Speed of Cultureā„¢

    Citizen is a global mobile innovation firm based in Portland, Oregon. We’re pushing culture forward by shaping the evolution of the connected user experience. Actually, we’re doing it here: a site that shows where we’ve been, leaves room for where we’re headed, and puts our ideas about mobile’s future into action.

  2. WE ARE


    Citizen’s combined experience in mobile strategy, design, and delivery add up to an end-to-end understanding of the entire mobile ecosystem. Whether it’s a go-to-market strategy, a re-imagined interface, or bleeding-edge development, Citizen’s full spectrum of capabilities equals innovative results.

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    Citizen thrives on bringing an additive ingredient to our client partners, augmenting their eyes, ears, and minds with a deep understanding of the ever-evolving digital landscape. Together, we can make sense of this shifting terrain and shape the future of mobile together.

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    Sometimes the best ideas are hidden in plain sight; it just takes experienced eyes to see them. Citizen’s eight years of innovative mobile strategy, design, and development mean we can help our clients spot missed connections, improve efficiency, and seize unrealized opportunities.

  5. WE ARE


    The Citizen team is a group of individual geniuses, each with a unique disciplinary background. The tie that binds is a culture passionate about understanding today’s technology and where it’s headed. When those individuals come together, the whole, as they say, is greater than the sum of its parts.

  6. WE ARE


    To know where you’re going, you must know where you’ve been. We know the lay of the land because we’ve been here since the dawn of mobile and, like digital sherpas, we guide clients through the constantly shifting terrain of mobile innovation, so they can see the view from the top.

  7. WE ARE


    When you can’t wait to see what’s next, you make it. We’ve pushed the future of mobile for the last eight years for that very reason. Take this site, for instance. It’s not just a chance to talk about ourselves; it’s an experiment that will keep evolving along with our ideas about what’s next.